The National Gift Annuity Association is the largest independent charitable gift annuity pool in the country.

Our secure structure allows charities to outsource gift annuities AND donors to receive lifetime income and to grant 100% of the remaining assets back to their favorite causes.

The NGAF offers immediate, flexible, and flexible deferred gift annuity structures, allowing us to meet your lifetime income payment needs.

Gift Annuity Calculator: What Tool is Right for Me?

By pooling these life income gifts, we can create investment, compliance, administration and risk management efficiencies to maximize the final grants.

The NGAF is part of the Dechomai Foundation, Inc. which was founded in 2003 and works with many of the country’s largest charities for illiquid asset receipt, management, and disposition. With decades of experience, the experts at NGAF can customize a solution which fits your situation and provides the charitable outcome you have in mind.