The National Gift Annuity Foundation gladly provides charitable gift annuities with a host of options to meet your needs.

For a charitable gift annuity, a fee of 2.00% of value of the portfolio measured and charged quarterly. This includes:

Administration Fees: The National Gift Annuity Foundation will charge an administration fee of 1.00% of the value of the CGA, charged quarterly. This fee covers all administration, donor payments, record-keeping, and tax compliance. A 100% grant of the residuum comes back to the nonprofit at the death of the annuitant(s).

Investment Fees: The National Gift Annuity Foundation will charge an investment fee of 1.00% for CGA pool investment management. Both administrative and investment fees are charged to the investment pool, not the donor. Donor income is guaranteed for life. 

  • The minimum age for annuitants is 55.
  • We are able to issue gift annuities in every state except Hawaii.

Additional Features

Annuities can be immediate, deferred, or flexible deferred. They can be funded with cash, stock, mutual funds, and illiquid assets (with board approval).

Total Foundation Assets

Dechomai Foundation, Inc. and Dechomai Asset Trust/dba National Gift Annuity Foundation has over $100 million in combined assets as of 12/31/2016.

Policies & Procedures

For a complete description of National Gift Annuity Foundation's policies and procedures, please click here: